donderdag, 27 februari 2003


sorry i only speak english. but this seems to be a good and informative site. I'm 16 and still wet the bed.
even without understandig only a little of your language the site is vers informative and helpfull for me.
My question:
I cant open those films you have on the site. How can i manage it? I cant download the realplayer sofware because I have a mac Apple computer and its for windows. But I have mac realplaer software on my mac. What can i do to open those Films?


vrijdag, 28 februari 2003


The information films on the site can be viewed streaming directly from the site. It's possible to download the film and view it at the same time. To make this possible you need a realplayer installed on your system. For Microsoft Windows computers we have a link on the site:


For Apple computers you have to download the player from the www.real.com website. Notice that the Basic players are free.

Real networks download page for Apple and other operating systems.

After downloading and installing the Realplayer you should be able to view the films.

If you are behind a firewall or have restricted access to the Internet please contact your system administrator or service provider to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards,


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