dinsdag, 31 december 2002

Mine is not a question but an story.I was wetting my bed till around 12 years old.I sleep very deep. I can fall asleep in two minutes. When I lay down flat I fall asleep.But I also have trouble waking up. I cannot jump out of bed. When I was young my mother or dad would take me to the Bathroom to Urinate, but in the morning I could not remember any of it. I also to this day in my seventies never wake up at night to go to the bathroom.I have wake up, but cannot make myself get up.I just hold it in.I never had a accident since my younger years. some times I dream of urinating in my sleep, but i never did so far.
Greetings Leo.

donderdag, 2 januari 2003

Dank je wel voor je reactie.

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Marianne Vijverberg
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